Crockpot Apple Oatmeal

Crockpot-Slowcooker-Apple-Cinnamon-Oatmeal from Brittany's PantrySo, you know that I love oatmeal.

There are no shortages of oatmeal laden recipes on this blog and I am only getting started.  It is one of those ingredients that is an automatic ‘yes’ for me.  Dishes that call for making browned butter?  No time for that.  Anything at all that includes water chestnuts? Not happening.  But oatmeal?  Yes.  I don’t care what food it is, the answer is yes, yes, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

Is that from a movie….?

Anyway, I am really loving the revival of the slow cooker that seems to be happening right now.  Anything that can go in a crock-pot is a hot ticket item and has become, dare I say it, trendy, in kitchens everywhere.  For my part, I have always used my slow cooker quite a bit.  The addition of children in my life gave me need to pull it out even more for obvious reasons.  I am not someone who bakes cheesecakes in my slow cooker or steams rolls overnight using some kind of fancy rigging system to suspend small pans in the crock pot.  But I have to admit that as much as I use it, breakfast never really occurred to me.  And when I started seeing overnight oatmeal recipes all over the web, I had one of those ‘slap your forehead’ type of moments.  Why had I not thought of this before?

I really love the Overnight Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal recipe that uses apple juice and extra spices that I previously posted.  It is very fast to put together and is extremely hardy and healthy.  This recipe, while containing some similar flavors, tastes completely different.  It has few ingredients and bakes up incredibly creamy.  It isn’t overly sweet, but somehow still seems like you are eating something extra special for breakfast.  Sort of like a really healthy apple pie and I find that most people have a hard time staying away from it.

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Slow Cooker Apple Oatmeal
Inspired by Pinterest
If you have time to pop this in just before lunch and turn it on Hi instead of Low, it makes an outstanding after school snack.  As for apples, use whatever you have in your fridge, but generally, I try to avoid anything too sour.

Spray or butter the insert of a standard sized slow cooker.  In order, add:
2 apples, peeled and cored and sliced
1/2 c brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
2 c rolled oats-not quick cooking
4 c water

DO NOT STIR!  Cover and set on low for 6-8 hours.  I put this in right before I go to bed and it is done in time for my husband to eat some before he goes to work in the morning.  He turns it off, keeps the lid on, and it is still piping hot and ready for us when we get up for school!  Eat it as is or add a splash of milk, chopped walnuts or pecans, or even a handful of raisins or cranberries.  Leftovers are great reheated the next day.