Five Minute Meatloaf

Five Minute Meatloaf from Brittany's Pantry-Small effort and BIG flavor!While working on our kitchen yesterday, it became apparent that it was one of those evenings that needed music.  The kids were running around and playing with trucks while I was scraping old wallpaper glue off the walls and looking for places that the previous owners had patched, never sanded, and painted over.  My husband was rebuilding the walls where things had been torn down, rewiring, and putting new lights in our ceiling.  We were working hard, playing hard, laughing and joking, and generally excited that it was Friday and that progress was being made on the construction site that we call home.Brittanys-Pantry The kids are playing on the drywall in the ‘clean’ end of the family room/kitchen.  Turns out sheet rock is perfect for playing with trucks!Brittanys-PantrySo out came the classics.  Billy Joel, John Mellencamp, Michael Jackson’s music from his early years, John Denver, Phil Collins, Neil Diamond, and the mixed CD my best friend sent me to cheer me up on my first wedding anniversary when Mike was out to sea and I was in the middle of Wisconsin.  Good music that I hadn’t played in awhile but was perfect to keep you motivated and dancing among the cordless drills, piles of rubble, and sheets of dusty plastic.

And in the midst of it all, I was dying for a home cooked meal.  Mashed potatoes have been on my radar for weeks and finally, acknowledging my kitchen limitations, I broke down and bought the ready made kind in my refrigerator section.  But I still needed a protein, so I made the first thing I could think of that was fast, easy, and really good.  We needed comfort food and by golly, I was going to deliver!  And really, what is more comforting than meatloaf?

I know what you are thinking. Meatloaf? Seriously? Blegh. I am fully aware that there are several of you out there who may have some issues with meatloaf, no doubt stemming from some tragic childhood experience with football shaped meat that was dry, tasteless, greasy, and covered in burnt ketchup. I am only guessing here because we ate meatloaf all the time when I was a kid and we all loved it. And while meatloaf sandwiches are not the way I like to enjoy the leftovers, they seem to be some kind of lunch necessity among men everywhere. And that includes my Dad. My Mom made awesome meatloaf and I usually follow her lead and do it the traditional way. Ground beef, chopped onion, egg, spices, oatmeal…oh yeah. And she always used BBQ sauce on top instead of ketchup. This makes a huge difference in flavor and I never deviate from it. Good stuff.

But I was going for speed and simplicity here people! And it had to be easy enough to mix in my living room on my son’s train table. So this was my improvisation. We enjoyed ours with frozen corn (not pictured), pre-made mashed potatoes, and rolls that wouldn’t fit in my freezer (also not pictured). Gourmet cooking at its finest.  Mmmm. I loved every convenient bite.

Five Minute Meatloaf
This isn’t much of a recipe but it is perfect the next time you need something quick, easy, and satisfying.  We ate almost all of it.  That is why I only have a picture of my plate.  My family dug into it like a lions into a gazelle and there wasn’t enough left to photograph.  All signs of satisfied customers.

1 pkg ground turkey (I use the 97 percent lean) or beef
1/2 box dry stuffing mix, such as Stovetop
1 egg
BBQ sauce

A pathetic list of ingredients, I know, but its really good!  Mix enough hot water with the stuffing to soften it and make it moist, about a cup or so.  Add in the meat and the egg and mix with a fork.  In a sprayed, shallow casserole dish, shape the mixture into a loaf.  Spread BBQ sauce over the top.  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes or until cooked through.