Everyday Zucchini

Everyday Zucchini Just a quick post, dropping in to share a ridiculously easy recipe for you to use all summer! Depending on where you live, zucchini season has either already begun or is quickly approaching.  Looming, if you will, over our gardens and shadowing our minds with the same question that plagues us every year: Why did we plant so much and what are we going to do with it all?? Due to the upcoming move to the East Coast, I have not planted a garden this year (boo) but I am very much looking forward to buying it in bulk at the Farmer’s Markets.  Lots of it.  Tons.  I’m sorry!  I am one of those people who never really tire of the stuff.  You can do a gazillion different things-at least!-with the vegetable and it abundantly grows and is cheap to buy.  So BRING IT ON!! Everyday Zucchini Today’s recipe is actually something I had years ago at my best friends house.  I initially kinda frowned at the spices she chose to toss on the zucchini, but after trying it, I couldn’t stop eating it.  After that day, I started making this side whenever I just didn’t really know what else to do.  If I am out of off the cuff inspiration, have zilch energy to page through a cookbook or look up something on the internet, or am just simply really pressed for time, this is what I make.  It is fast, healthy, cheap, and darn tasty.  On this holiday weekend, you won’t have to stress about what to serve with your meal because this goes with everything.  Grilled, baked, roasted, toasted, or flambéed.  It pairs with it all.  Additionally, the flavors aren’t anything too bold so kids tend to be fine with it. In addition, here are some other ideas to keep ahead of your zucchini crop this summer!  Enjoy! Earth Bread Earth BreadCalifornia Chopped SaladCalifornia Chopped SaladTortellini W/Shrimp tortellini with shrimpVegetables W/PastaVeggies & PastaNon-Traditional Shepherd’s Pie Non-Traditional Shepherd's PieWhole Wheat Zucchini Spice MuffinsWhole Wheat Zucchini Spice MuffinsChocolate Zucchini Bread Chocolate Zucchini BreadBaked Pasta W/Summer Veggies IMG_0998Zucchini W/Corn & Basil Zucchini & Corn W/Basil Two Years Ago: Sweet Potato Salad W/Vinaigrette
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Everyday Zucchini 
The key here is a high heat to get a nice sear on the zucchini, but to not cook them until mush.

olive oil
italian seasoning
salt and pepper

Rinse enough vegetables for however many people you are serving, 1 medium zucchini for every two people.  Quarter the zucchini lengthwise and then chop into half inch sections.  Film enough olive oil in a large sauté pan to just barely film the bottom. No more than a few tablespoons, depending on how much zucchini you have.  Set the pan over a strong medium to medium high heat. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and a generous amount of italian seasoning.  Again, judge this on preference and the amount you are cooking.  Leave the veggies where they are for several minutes to acquire some color on them.  If they are just kind of steaming, turn up the heat a bit.  Give them a toss, and then leave them alone again to get more color on a different side.  Pull them from the heat when they are fairly well browned but have not become mushy.  Taste for salt and pepper and serve immediately.