Turkey Apple Panini

Turkey Apple PaniniGreetings!
I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed with family, friends, great food, and a wonderful spirit of gratefulness!

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This recipe, of course, is posted today because using your leftover holiday turkey is what makes this sandwich so unbelievable scrumptious that is just may make your toes curl.  If  you have been reading this blog lately you know that my affinity for Apple Butter knows no bounds.  The spices and richness of it make it such a great accompaniment to so many different foods.  Apple butter on toast is one of my favorites, but I love the flavors paired with savory foods as well.  When I thought about adding it to a sandwich with mustard, I immediately headed to my panini maker.  I was once again reminded of my genius at getting one of those lovely little sandwich toasting appliances for my husband for Christmas last year.  Smart move, Brittany.  Smart move.

I will argue that this sandwich, although undoubtably autumnal themed, is good anytime you can get a fresh crunchy apple and decent sliced turkey.  With the amount of scary chemicals used in commercially grown apples these days (it is quite frightening), we have switched to organic, a move that has prompted my four year old to say, “Why are these apples so good?  They taste better than any apples we have ever had before!”  Its organic, Baby!!  Regardless, the tangy/sour snap of a cold, juicy apple with the salty turkey and then the creaminess of the melted cheese…gaaaaaah.  That would be swoon worthy on its own.  But then you have the chewiness of the bread and the vinegary bite of the mustard in there, only to top it all off with the spiced sweetness of the apple butter!  It is texture and flavor explosion overload.  In a good way.  In a way that works.  And makes your mouth water.  And gives you goosebumps.  And makes your socks roll up and down.

Shouldn’t all our meals do that?
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Turkey Apple Panini
Wether you use sliced deli turkey, or thick slabs of a bird you roasted just a day or two ago (or even leftover roast chicken!) it is ALL good in this sandwich.  A good dill pickle on the side is highly recommended.

sliced turkey
granny smith-or other tart apple-cored and thinly sliced
apple butter
dijon or grainy mustard
swiss cheese
loaf of ciabatta bread, individual ciabatta rolls, or other thick and hearty crusty bread
garlic oil, olive oil, or grape seed oil

If using a loaf of bread, cut into thick slices, or halve the ciabatta, cutting into individual sandwich sizes if needed. Smear one half of the bread with mustard and the other half generously with apple butter.  Lay a slice of swiss on the top and bottom.  On the bottom half of the sandwich, layer on your turkey and then your apple slices.  Top with the cheese/apple butter half and brush the outsides of the bread (top and bottom) with the garlic, olive, or grape seed oil.  Press into a panini maker until the sandwich is flattened, toasted, and heated all the way through, melting the cheese.  Remove carefully with a spatula and enjoy immediately!  Alternatively, set the sandwiches in a hot skillet or cast iron pan and weight it down with another heavy pot or pan.  Leave for three or four minutes and flip, weighing it down again.  Serve immediately.