Peach & Banana Sunrise Smoothie: Back to School Post #6

Banana Peach SmoothieFinally!  A recipe!  I have been busy in my kitchen, but canning and freezing, not cooking real food.  But after some last minute tweaking, this recipe is ready for you!

I know that a recipe for a smoothie can be a bit of an oxymoron; smoothies are generally a-throw whatever you have on hand in the blender-type of meal.  But while I do that a lot of the time, I like to have some consistency too.  It is not fun when you throw something together, absolutely fall in love with it, and then have no luck trying to recreate it later.  This happens to me more than I would like to admit.

“So Mom!  That awesome thing you made last week with the strawberries?  Remember that?”
“Of course I do!”
“Can we have that again?”
“Ummm…..soooo…..yeah.  Uh…”


“This is so great, Mom!  I love this recipe!  What’s in it?”
“Hmm.  About that…” as I look desperately at the items still scattered around the counter.

So when the kids and I tasted this creation and looked at each other with delight over the rims of our glasses, I made sure to write it down.  I have made it a few times to make sure we like the balance of flavors in it, and I have now been instructed by my four year old not to change ANYTHING!  I am a huge fan of putting fresh baby spinach in my smoothies since it adds a ridiculous amount of nutrition and is practically tasteless, but I left it out of this one on purpose.  We were in the mood for a change.  And this is certainly a refreshing one.

This makes a big batch.  It fills my blender the brim which is perfect for our whole family to share for breakfast alongside a healthy muffin, setting us all up for a long day.  But it doesn’t separate or set up, instead staying nice and creamy for hours, so I like to chill any leftovers and bring it along in a to-go cup for my daughter as an after school/pre-ballet class snack.  After a long day, an ice cold, fruity smoothie hits the spot and the boost of nutrients keep her energized until dinner.
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Peach & Banana Sunrise Smoothie
Sometimes, even smoothies can be a bit heavy on my tummy in the morning.  Not so with this recipe.  It has a bit more liquid in it than usual, making it refreshing and super easy to slurp down!  Use organic ingredients here when you can.

1 bag (10 oz) of frozen peach slices
1 c plain non-fat yogurt -low fat vanilla is good too
1 c orange juice
1 c coconut milk-for smoothies, I like the stuff in the carton from the refrigerator section
1 banana, peeled (duh)
1 T ground flax
honey to taste

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Taste for sweetness.