Killer Fries

Baked Fries“These are the best fries I have ever had!”

That was my husbands response the first time I made these.  Now, after a few batches, he just scolds me for not making enough.  Success!

I should let it be known that I am not a ‘fry’ person.  I like fries and on certain days I really love fries.  I can’t order a burger without them, and if we are being totally honest here (this is a safe place after all-namaste…) I actually go through phases where I strongly crave the chili cheese fries my best girlfriend used to get at Rubys.  It is a 50’s style diner we used to go to all the time when we were stationed in San Diego.  Fantastic burgers.  Awesome milkshakes.  And truly stellar chili fries.  Really, the perfect meal when you are missing your hubby; all salt and grease.  Mmmm.  But other than that, my kids and I can split a small order from a fast food place and barely finish them.  I guess I treat them as more of a condiment, not unlike the ketchup I eat them with, instead of a side item.  Well, all that ends today.

Also, just in case some of you are about to click over to Facebook, assuming I am going to lecture on the importance of double frying your potatoes– HALT!!  You will never catch me doing something so ridiculously time consuming.  If I want fluffy potatoes that are perfectly and uniformly crunchy and taste like they just came out of a restaurant fryer, I will go to a restaurant.  No sirree, Bob.  I would like my fries hearty, and crisp, and hot, and light, and fresh, and…*gasp*…I’ll just whisper this next part-healthy.

I like to sprinkle my fresh and hot out of the oven fries with garlic, parsley, and salt that has been minced together.  However, none of these options hurt anyone either:

* drizzle them with melted butter with a bit of sweet or smoked paprika mixed in
* garlic butter
* freshly grated parmesan
* season salt
* celery salt
* a quick squeeze of fresh lemon juice
* hot sauce
* chili powder, cumin, and brown sugar mixed together and lightly dusted over top

Now you can obviously inhale these with a burger, hot dog, or any other traditionally American main dish you see fries with.  But I urge you to serve them to your guests as an appetizer or snack.  Hot fries are meant to be eaten immediately.  Who better to scarf them down than hungry people loitering in your living room sipping cocktails?  They will eat them.  Your kids will eat them.  Your family will eat them.  Eat them ALL.  And maybe-just maybe-they will think they are the best fries they have ever had.
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Killer Fries
You won’t need to serve these with ketchup.

4 medium russet potatoes, scrubbed well
olive oil
salt and pepper
1 handful of fresh parsley
1 clove garlic
extra pinch of salt

Cut the potatoes into sticks, a bit smaller than a half inch square.  You don’t want them as tiny matchsticks, but you don’t want big wedges either.  When in doubt, go smaller.  Spray a half sheet pan or cookie sheet.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  When I don’t do this, they stick and steam and don’t turn out crunchy.  Trust me.  Toss the potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  Spread them out in a single layer in the sprayed sheet pan and bake at 450 degrees until crispy and browned, turning them with a spatula half way through.  This will take about 20 minutes, but depends on your oven, how big you cut your fries, and how crowded your pan is.  I like to figure one potato per person, but Mike always wants me to make more, so you be the judge!  Let them go longer if you like them really crunchy!  Meanwhile.  Put the parsley, garlic and salt on a cutting board all together and chop the heck out of it.  Keep going until the garlic is minced.  The flavors will all end up mixed and lovely and the salt helps mash it all together.  Sprinkle over hot fries and enjoy immediately.