Fruit Dip: Oldie But A Goodie

Fruit DipSometimes I find myself hesitating to blog about one thing or another because I am afraid it is too basic, to simple, or too well known.  I always wonder if you are all giving a collective sigh and eye roll.  Please believe me when I say that I am not trying to insult your intelligence or your prowess in the kitchen!  For instance, take my recipe for Crispy Bars-and please excuse the pictures taken with my old camera.  Everyone has made some version of them at some point in time.  They certainly are not a new idea.  But I try to remind myself that everyone has different levels of experience in the kitchen.  Or for that matter different levels of desire as to what they want to do in the kitchen.  Some people like to experiment with food and some people don’t make anything without a recipe.  Others only bake while some can make a mean pot of soup but nothing else.  My point is, that every recipe I post goes out to a certain type of cook.  I have a mental image of that target individual who each recipe would be perfect for.  One-Bowl Chocolate Cake & Cheeze-It Chicken?  The busy family trying to get dinner on the table on a Wednesday night.  Pasta W/ Zesty Bolognese is a great freezer meal for the steadfast, make-ahead, menu planner.  And for those of you who want something a little different, yet totally decadent?  Rum-Raisin Rice Pudding.  See what I mean?

So who is today’s recipe for?  Hmmm.  It could be for any of you out there who are always looking for something quick and easy to bring to the office to share or a church pot-luck.  Or maybe it is for those of you who are looking to build up your repertoire or basics.  This is also perfect for anyone who automatically will make and eat anything that contains cream cheese!  I am raising my hand for that one…
Fruit DipRegardless, those are my reasons for posting a recipe so easy, so simple, so common, and quite possibly one you already know.  Actually, if it hadn’t been for my 4-H Cafeteria experience, I might still not know this recipe.  Fruit dip was not something we made in our house.  So when I found out that this bowl of deliciousness was made with only two ingredients-no measuring!-I was thrilled.  And I have been making it ever since.  Yes, I have been eating this with a spoon fruit for the past 18 years.  I make it for parties, pot-luck dinners, and just to snack on.  In fact, in college I used to make a batch, grab a fork and a huge bag of grapes, and stab and dip and devour my way through study sessions.  I do not recommend this for those of you wanting to keep your girlish figure. 😉
Fruit Dip Fruit DipOne Year Ago: Breakfast Burritos

Fruit Dip
If your are not serving this to company the whole batch mixes up and then fits right back into the marshmallow fluff container.  No need to dirty more dishes!

1-8 oz block of cream cheese-low-fat is fine
1-7 oz container marshmallow fluff

Combine ingredients in a bowl using an hand mixer.  This dip goes great with grapes (my FAV), strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple.  It is also good with sliced peaches when they are in season.