Lime Sherbet Punch: Something Green

Lime Sherbet PunchMy son, who turns three in just a few short days (gasp!) requested a green drink for his birthday.  His two favorite colors are green and blue and he reminds us of this several times a day.  In this case, I was thrilled to comply since one of my favorite warm weather drinks happens to be made with lime sherbet.  Green!  Score!  I have actually mentioned this drink in a previous post but never gave you the recipe so I thought I would share it.

Have I ever told you that I love drinks with ice cream in them?  Years ago when my family used to celebrate Christmas at my aunt and uncle’s house, they served a punch with huge scoops of sherbet in them.  I had never seen this before and thought it was pure genius!!!  Creamy and refreshing, it fast became one of my favorite ways to make a party drink!  And besides-its just fun!

In addition to a green drink, Eli asked for a green and blue dinosaur cake.  What I ended up doing was making two sheet cakes, one vanilla, one chocolate, and stacking them.  Both of the recipes were Ina’s and the vanilla cake was the base for her flag cake, found here.  Her chocolate sheet cake recipe is found here.  This was the first time I made either of them and I really liked them, especially the chocolate.  I stacked the sheets together with a sour cream butter cream in the middle and then I cut out the shape of a dinosaur.  This is what it looked like before the final frost:
Dino CakeThe final frost was kinda messy.  I added a few details to complete it but you get the idea.  He LOVED it and requested the head as his piece.

Blue dinosaur with green decorations and a green drink.  He was one happy camper!

Lime Sherbet Punch
Adapted from Food Network

1 quart lime sherbet
1 liter gingerale
1/2 of a 46 oz can of pineapple juice

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher.  Serve very cold.  Obviously, you can double this recipe.