Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

Roasted Sweet Potato FriesAh.  Sweet potatoes.  That vitamin packed veggie that can be sweet or savory and seems to be the favorite of babies everywhere.  They also happen to be a major player at our house.  I have mentioned these before, but thought I would give them their own post.  These ‘fries’ are simple and go with just about everything.  Although, I guess I do tend to serve them with things like fried fish with remoulade and brats and hot dogs fresh off the grill.  They go awesome with pork chops too.  Sometime I will share the lime mayo that I like to eat them with but for now, here are just the basics.

These are done just like everything else I roast.  Olive oil, salt and pepper, and a high heat.  The beauty of these is that they practically beg to be experimented with.  Cut into a handy shape for snacking makes them perfect for kids.  Actually, my kids eat the leftovers with their fingers-straight from the fridge.  Yum.  If you want to jazz things up (Go on!  Live dangerously!) feel free to sprinkle them with the tiniest dusting of chile powder, onion powder, and/or brown sugar.  Don’t get too overzealous with the sugar.  They will burn long before they cook so go sparingly.  Chinese five spice powder is or purchased grill seasoning is good too.  More often than not, I like them plain.
Roasted Sweet Potato Fries Roasted Sweet Potato Fries Sweet Potato Fries
Yes these are called fries, but don’t actually expect them to be crunchy.  That comes from deep frying in oil; a much less healthy option.  Instead, enjoy how the sweetness, how incredibly good for you they are, and how quickly they cook!

2 large sweet potatoes (or however many you want) peeled and cut into ‘fry’ shapes
olive oil
salt and pepper
additional seasoning if desired

On a sheet pan toss the potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper.  Roast at 450 until tender.  Length of roasting time depends on how big you make your fries, but it won’t take long!  Don’t forget to check on them.

Note: Using half russet potatoes and half sweet potatoes is quite scrumptious.