Homemade Ketchup-It is so easy!

In my last post I mentioned that I had made ketchup for my son’s birthday party, and while the reviews were mixed (there may or may not have been some self proclaimed picky eaters there) I am excited about sharing it with you.DIY Homemade Ketchup via Brittany's PantryDIY Homemade Ketchup via Brittany's Pantry Why?  It is just ketchup after all.  Just a common, cheap condiment that is in every home in America.  That is all true.  But to me, homemade ketchup is one of those things that is unexpected no matter who you may be serving.  It is inexpensive, so easy, and very quick to throw together.  Not to mention that you can make it days in advance.  So why not surprise your guests, or just your spouse and kids, with something special?!  Of course if you are serving Alice Waters, Ina Garten, or Jamie Oliver, they wouldn’t bat and eye lash and I would be seething out here in Illinois, wondering why I hadn’t been invited to dinner!!  But assuming, you won’t be cooking for either of these or any other food legends, it is a decidedly fun and nostalgic addition to a menu.

Summer, the season of perpetual grilling, is almost upon us.  This recipe has such wonderful flavor, it tastes great with grilled sausages, outstanding on burgers, practically sinful on a hot dog, and of course, a perfect pairing with thick-cut potato fries.  I ate it on a meatball slider instead of BBQ sauce and have been dreaming about how I will use it in the coming months.  I mean, my dreams are always filled with food, but then again, whose aren’t, right?  What?  Not you?  Just me?  All right then.DIY Homemade Ketchup via Brittany's PantryDIY Homemade Ketchup via Brittany's Pantry Homemade Ketchup
Adapted from Giada De Laurentiis

1 (15 oz) can tomato puree or tomato sauce
1/2 c apple cider vinegar
3 T tomato paste
1/2 c brown sugar
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp onion powder
pinch of cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan and simmer over med low heat, stirring occasionally, until reduced and thick.  Cool to room temperature and chill.  This is best made the day before, but it isn’t necessary.