Speedy Glazed Salmon

Quick and Easy Glazed Salmon is perfect for a weeknight meal! {Brittany's Pantry}I didn’t really feel like making dinner tonight.

I mean, I love to cook (it never hurts to state the obvious), but I was in the middle of some serious cleaning and organizing  and I didn’t want to lose the ‘zone’.  You know.  The ‘zone’.  Where you are so focused on you task and its goal that you just keeping thinking in your head, “Advance!  Advance!”  Then I looked at the clock.  4:30.  Time to seriously make some dinner plans.  I had taken some salmon out of the freezer this afternoon, but now wasn’t really hungry for it.  Still, I looked down at the ankle biters that I love so much and figured if I didn’t feed them something, they were going to start to rebel.

I have thrown this glaze together several times before and it always turns out about the same.  Feel free to add whatever you like.  I served mine with brown rice pilaf and some steamed vegetables.  Just in time too.  As I was photographing my plate for this blog I noticed it was a little too quiet in the house.  I turned around and Eli had climbed up on a step stool to reach the counter and eaten a large portion of the rice meant for dinner.  It was a little hard to be mad when he grinned at me with parsley stuck in his teeth and said, “Yes, Mama!  Good!”  Yup.  Good indeed.

Glazed Salmon

Equal parts:

Red Wine Vinegar
Brown Sugar
Dijon Mustard
1/2 part Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Mix all ingredients and pour over salmon fillets.  If you are only making a few portions, start with 2 T of each and 1 T of the olive oil.  If you are making it for a crowd, use bigger measurements.  Roast in a 400 degree oven.