IMG_5516Excited…about spring. Here in South Carolina, its right around the corner!

Planning…my vegetable garden. Right now it is a large parcel of red Carolina clay with tree stumps and bushes in it and its on a major slope and filled with rocks, but I’m planning! 🙂  We are talking about a MAJOR amount of grunt work to make it a useable space, but exercise is good for the body and digging in the dirt and growing things is good for the soul. So, using my children as free manual labor, we continue to toil in the soil.    11065892_10205116055613047_5432463381935871126_n

Annoyed…at the amount of rain we have gotten lately. Last summer was a drought and ever since September, the sky has been making up for it and trying to drown us. Between the floods last fall and the continuous rain so far this winter, we are more than ready to dry out.

Loving…this new app I found called Library Thing. It is incredibly easy to use and I am having a blast cataloging all my books. You can scan the ISBN number and UPC code or type in the book individually and the app accesses etc to find the exact same book. Usually you can even pick paperback or hardcover too so that your library record is as accurate as it can be. Due to the fact that you can buy nearly ANYTHING on the internet, I was even able to catalog the ridiculously old and obscure books I find and collect. It tries to give you an accurate publication date as well and several of my books have been revealed as first editions. I also discovered that I have a fair amount of books that are over 100 years old. Neat-o, huh? This makes it SO much easier to check my inventory and avoid duplicate copies of books while raiding thrift stores and garage sales. I am ridiculously excited to see what my final book count is. Tally TBD. 265770_138123899599132_4075222_o

Astounded…that this sweet girl turns 10 pretty soon. My oldest child will be in the double digits. Does the shock of how fast time goes by get slower as you get older? Cause I am flabbergasted by it.

Sweating…through the Couch To 5K program, with PiYo mixed in between. Getting in shape is awesome, but it sucks at the same time. Right now I am trying to get a routine nailed down to make the whole process a bit easier.

Craving…bread. And muffins. And scones. I have no idea why, but baked goods are on the brain. Don’t be surprised if that is what floods the blog this month. We can never have too many muffin recipes, right? Right??


Reading…a lot, actually! I just finished A Girl Named Zippy and have moved on to The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry. The first was an incredibly humorous ( like, laugh out loud) memoir that covers small town life in Indiana in the 60’s. Author had a great voice and it was a charming read. Only halfway through the second book as of now, but I am LOVING it! No wonder it comes so highly recommended. What are YOU reading right now?
12243572_902050606539787_3442853005286411545_nSpending…not money (see Anticipating segment below) but time. On my front porch. Because the forests of the south are gorgeous. And because there are no bugs.

Anticipating…a BIG vacation this summer. We just booked a week at a house on the beach on Oak Island, NC and it cannot get here fast enough. This is the first time our family has ever done something like this and to say that we are excited is a HUGE understatement! Bring on the sun, sand, and surf! With the possibility of pre-shopping for vaca clothes. 🙂

Obsessed…with these particular shows on Netflix: Covert Affairs, The Walking Dead (I know I am late to the party with this one), Heartland (A great show to watch as a family!), When Calls The Heart, and Greys Anatomy. No I didn’t start watching Greys until these last few weeks, and yes, I realize how lame I am for waiting. I am 10 years behind, but I have jumped on the McDreamy bandwagon.

Testing…a LOT of recipes that don’t seem very photogenic. I have been working on a new breakfast bake recipe but can’t seem to get it quite right. Either taste is off and the pics are great, or the taste is great, but it looks entirely unappetizing during its beauty shots. *sigh* Moving on to baking more muffins.

Pondering…how I am going to convince my husband to let me get chickens. He is very handy and can build me a coop and a chicken run no problem, but living where we do, in the forest in the middle of nowhere, may just be asking for trouble. Lots of predators and while I am all for teaching my children about the circle of life, watching a fox, bobcat, or hawk attack and march off with Big Bertha The Laying Hen might be a bit dramatic. I really really want my own chickens though, so I’m thinking I’ll risk it. Hehe.

What have YOU been up to?