Green Tea Citrus Punch

Green Tea Citrus Punch | Brittany's PantryYes yes.  Green tea again.  Get over it.  Its good for you.

I love anything citrus even more than I love green tea so this recipe was a natural fit for me.  I was experimenting with juices and cold tea and when I was digging through my computer, I came across this recipe and realized I had nearly replicated it.  Simple and straight forward, this is full of Vitamin C and all the good antioxidants that come with green tea.

This is such a light, refreshing drink that I can’t help but want to make it continuously!  But be forewarned:  Inferior juices make for a rather icky drink.  Use a good, quality orange juice (pulp free would be best) or better yet, squeeze it yourself.  Fresh lemon juice too.  You can REALLY taste the difference if you cheat with this one.

If you are opposed to using refined white sugar, you can always steep the tea in plain water-minus the sugar-and sweeten the drink with raw honey while the tea concentrate is still warm.  Either way, green tea + fresh juice = the tastiest drink around.  Kids inhale it too so you may just want to start with a double batch.  Heck!  It would be great hot too!!

Next up?  Green tea omelets.  Or maybe green tea pancakes.  Oh oh!  I know!!  Green tea roast pork!!

Yes?  No?
Green Tea Citrus Punch | Brittany's PantryGreen Tea Citrus Punch | Brittany's PantryPlease know I was completely kidding about the green tea ideas above.  Depending on how well you know me, my sarcasm may not have been obvious…  🙂

Green Tea Citrus Punch
Recipe kinda sorta adapted from Oxmoor House
This recipe is pretty cut and dry.  Nothing too fancy.  But OH so good on a summer day!

6 c water, divided
1 c sugar
16 green tea bags, regular or decaf
1 3/4 c OJ
1/4 c fresh lemon juice (Please don’t use the bottled stuff here!)
Orange slices for garnish if desired

Bring three of the cups of water and the one cups of sugar to a boil and stir, dissolving the sugar.  You are basically starting a simple syrup here.  Remove from the heat and add the tea bags to steep.  Leave five minutes.  Pull out the tea bags but DO NOT SQUEEZE THEM!  This results in a cloudy, off color tea!  Just let them drain a bit and discard them.  Cool the sweetened tea syrup.  Add the juices and remaining three cups of water.  Stir to combine, chill, and serve over ice with orange slices if desired.