Fizzy Apricot Coolers W/Lemon

Fizzy Apricot Coolers W/LemonIt all comes down to synchronized swimming.  Let me explain…

A little over a week ago, I shared this post that was all about me.  I wanted to give you a few details into the woman who actually writes this crazy blog!  If you may recall, I mentioned that I don’t drink pop.  While this is true, I would like to add an amendment to that.  As a general practice, I don’t drink it.  In general, I wasn’t allowed to drink pop when I was a kid and as I got older, I realized that it was just too sweet for me.  When I became a synchronized swimmer, the insane amount of breath control you need sort of puts the kibosh on all things carbonated.  (Besides being really bad for you, pop causes, among other things, shortness of breath.  Not cool when you doing the equivalent of simultaneously sprinting and lifting weights above your head, and not breathing while doing it.)  When I got to college, I coached synchronized swimming and tried to instill the same fear of soda products in my athletes that I had.  As a general practice, I have just continued to never order it at restaurants (I drink water), buy it when I grocery shop (I prefer milk), or indulge in it when I am out on the town (nonfat iced Chai Latte, please!).

Ok.  Now.  THAT SAID, I have one stipulation.  I am a big fan of serving special drinks or punch when I get together with friends, and occasionally, pop makes it into the mix.  Fun beverages are almost always ridiculously easy and it makes any day-no matter how ordinary-seem kinda special.  One of my most favorite things to serve to just about anyone are these June Bugs.  So.  Good.  And there is ginger ale in there.  So yes, when I drink June Bugs, I am drinking pop.  And you know what??  I LIKE it!
Fizzy Apricot Coolers W/LemonThis drink is made individually and is, again, super easy.  You know what I love most about it?  Its not sweet!  The apricot nectar is not a sugary juice (it is actually a bit tart) and ginger ale is not nearly as sweet as a lemon lime pop.  The fresh lemon is not essential, but it makes a big difference in the taste and I never leave it out.  It kind of showcases the other flavors and makes it that much more refreshing.  Bottom line?  It is wonderful to sip on a hot day.  Even if you are a non-pop drinking synchronized swimmer.
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Fizzy Apricot Coolers W/Lemon

Apricot Nectar (in the little cans in the juice section of your super market)
Fresh Lemon Wedges

Fill a glass of desired size with ice.  If it is a tall glass, add about 1/3 c of apricot nectar, several wedges of lemon, and fill glass with ginger ale.  If it is a small glass, add a few T of nectar and adjust as necessary.  Enjoy!