Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-Ups: Back to School Post #5

Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-UpsOne of my favorite things about food are the associations that you make with it.  A certain dish or meal that makes you think of a time or place in your life, triggering a memory.

I love that.

This is one of those foods for me.  Years ago, while catering with two especially lovely ladies, I learned this super quick, make-ahead dish.  One bite takes me back to those crazy, fun years of my youth.  When I found out that the secret to making them so blasted addicting was taco seasoning, I couldn’t believe it!  How simple!  How easy!  How genius.  It lands on the Back To School Series list because it travels well and can be made the night before you need it; two things that make it prefect for the inevitable early morning dash to the school bus.

Today’s recipe is just one way to use up that taco seasoning we talked about a few days ago.  You can sprinkle that spice mix in chili, marinade chicken or skirt steak with it before grilling for fajitas, or fold it into your favorite hot and cheesy dip.  This sandwich roll-up is just to get you started.  Please don’t limit these to just the lunchbox!  These make a great snack for a party.  Since you can make them the day before, it frees up your time to do other things.  You just slice them up and set them out on a pretty platter.  I have made these for hundreds of people and for just a few.  They are so easy, the effort is about the same and they are usually one of the first things to go!  My kids think it is kinda special to have them show up in their lunches, but what they don’t know is that it is just as easy as pb & j.  And just a bit more memorable.
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Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-Ups
Assuming that you aren’t making these for dozens of people, you will have leftover spread.  It is fabulous smeared on a hamburger or as a quick dressing and tossed with hot roasted potatoes.

1 c mayo
1 T taco seasoning
thinly sliced ham, turkey, or roast beef
sliced cheese-cheddar, colby, provolone, or swiss
baby spinach
large tortillas-any variety

Mix together the mayo and taco seasoning until well incorporated.  Smear thinly, but evenly over the surface of the tortilla, nearly to the edges.
Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-UpsLayer on your meat, then cheese, then spinach last.
Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-UpsRoll this up as tightly as you can.
Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-UpsIf making these ahead of time (as in the night before a party or school day) wrap individually in plastic wrap, or if you are doing several, store in a large zip top bag and chill overnight.
Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-UpsWhen ready to serve, place toothpicks across the roll-up about an inch apart and trim off the ends, if desired.
Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-UpsSlice between the toothpicks, keeping the roll-up secured and together.
Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-UpsPlate or pack them up and enjoy!
Spicy Meat & Cheese Roll-Ups