Sweet Potato Fries & Pepper Lime Mayo

I love love love sharing recipes like this with you.

I love them because they take something as simple and humble as baked sticks of sweet potatoes and elevates them to a side dish or snack that you remember.  Like the difference between wearing a little black dress on a date with your sweetie with 1.99 flip flops from Old Navy or these sandals from Yves Saint Laurent.  It makes a difference.  Can you eat sweet potato fries without this dip?  Of course.  But every once in awhile it is really nice to…well…dress up.  You know?

This is especially good to serve guests as an appetizer.  Just make a whole big tray of fries, dump them on a big platter and plunk this dip down with it.  Healthy, easy to make ahead, and utterly snack-able.  It is unexpected and fun without being all froophy.  Yeah thats a made up word, but it fits here.  And when you are finally able to brush the snow off your grill (sorry MN) and enjoy a burger, this dip is equally good smeared on a bun.  Heck, we even dunk our carrot sticks in it.  As it turns out, just like this dip, a sleep pair of black stilettos is a nice change of pace from flip flops.
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Pepper Lime Mayo
Inspired by Giada

1 recipe sweet potato fries
1 heaping spoonful of sour cream
2 heaping spoonfuls of mayo
2 T lime juice
1/2 tsp pepper
salt to taste

Mix all ingredients together.  Taste it.  You should be able to taste the lime and it should thin it out a bit, but it shouldn’t be sour.  And it should be peppery but not choke you.  Add more lime juice and seasoning as needed.  Serve with fries.